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2010 Racing season has begun...

With the first two races of the 2010 season over and month gone by I am now ready to get back in the rhythm of the racing season.

March 13th was my first race of the season at South Boston Speedway, which is where I will be a regular competitor this season. It wasn't looking good on race day but mother nature held out long enough for the Late Models to put on a great show.

As the car crossed the scales and went through the tech line, my crew chief H.C. draws our qualifying position... #1, no pressure. My first time at the track and he pulls a one, at least I can just get it over with. Qualifying is something that I am working on improving, so going out first just added to the nervousness.

Going out for qualifying the track was extremely wet due to all the rain mother nature dumped on us all week. Getting up to speed my goal was to be smooth and get faster each lap. Coming for the checkered I hit a puddle and was headed straight for the wall, my dirt track driving kicked in then and I crossed the finish line in one piece. Twenty six cars left to qualify, when the last car was done we ended up in the 21st spot. Not what I had hoped for but this gave me the opportunity to pass some cars.

Throughout the day I watched the other cars and took in as much as I could to learn the driving line and where most of the passes were made. The track was in rough condition due to how much water was on the track so it was going to be a difficult race, especially for my first race there. H.C. and Peyton both told me to use my head and just do my best because the track was going to be really hard to drive.

Pulling out for what was supposed to be one of two features I was feeling a little nervous but for the most part very excited to finally be back in the car. I started on the outside and when the green flag dropped that is where I stayed for about 3 laps, trying to improve my spot. As the race progressed I tried to make passes when possible which proved to be extremely difficult due to track conditions. About three accidents took place in front of me and I was lucky to avoid each one. I continued my charge to the front of the field and was feeling very comfortable in the car race. With about 15 to go the rain came in, after racing 5 laps in pouring rain the race was called and we finished in 13th place. Racing for the night was cancelled but the team and the guys were all very proud of the finish we had. I need to thank the team for all the hard work and effort they put into making this season happen. I know that with more races under our belt we will continue to improve and have a successful season!

The second race of the season was a 150 lap shootout. The weather was looking wonderful for race day and the team was in high spirits. My goal for the day was to really work on my qualifying efforts and to improve on last week’s race.

This week qualifying went a little better with the track conditions being in ideal condition. We went out 13th today and in the end found ourselves in the 18th position. Better than last week, but still not where I would like to be. Throughout the day I stayed hydrated and focused on the 150 lap event ahead. Buckling into my scorching race car felt pretty hot for a North Dakota girl, but I was ready to get on the track and have some fun. As my spotter says "Green Girl" I shift it into fourth and away I went. I was on the outside and dropped in line right away. The race went green for about 90 laps and we continued our efforts towards the front of the field. With 60 to go, it was time to kick it into high gear. Going back green my goal was to reach the top ten. I was trying extremely hard all day and with three laps remaining I went for a pass and it didn't fare. I ended up spinning down the front stretch, fortunately coming to a stop with no damage. After lining back up at the tail end of the field with a green, white, checkered finish we ended up in the 15th position. It was a day full of learning, taking chances and testing my limit.

I can't even thank everyone enough at Seller's Racing that helps out on the "Miss II". They are very patient and continue to help me out each week. I am looking forward to the remaining season and earning the respect of the fellow drivers and having a lot of fun along the way!
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