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2009 Nascar Whelen Banquet

Washington State Rookie of the Year!
The 2009 Season was my first year racing on asphalt, and also my first year participating in Nascar's Drive for Diversity program. I really need to thank everyone that made this season a success. I will first start off with my incredible race team, Total Velocity Motorsports. Jeff Knight, my car owner; Roger Habich, my crew cheif/spotter; Aaron Hoskin, crew; Cris Engel, crew; Toby Jenkins, crew; Stevie Craig, stats. I was so blessed to have been selected to drive for such amazing people. The 2009 season was a huge learning curve for me and I cannot thank this team enough for all there hard work and dedication.

I also need to thank the Drive for Diversity Program. This was my first year in the program and it was an unbelievable experience. Throughout the entire season everyone involved with the D4D program was always checking in and making sure that my season was a great experience. Max Siegel, John Story and their entire team did a great job on revamping the program for 2009 and it is looking to be an even bigger success in 2010, now known as Revolution Racing. Michelle Langley, Rob Harris, Jill Picaut also deserve a huge thanks for all their hard work all season.
Thank you so much to everyone that made this season unforgettable. I am looking forward to the 2010 season and what the future holds...

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