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Thank you Drive for Diversity!

Last week, the track announcer kept the sport fans entertained as they sat in the bleachers by relating facts about the race car drivers. He detailed facts about me being from North Dakota and how I’ve switched over from dirt tracks to asphalt with the D4D program. He made a point about the standard NASCAR call and how it needed to be changed, since I was in the lineup.
As we waited for the call, it came over the headset as, “Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines!” The announcer could just have easily said, “Drivers start your engines!” but I like to believe that he purposefully chose those words as an acknowledgement to me and my team’s efforts on the oval track. I am the only women driver out there and we have made significant improvements since the beginning of the season.
It made me realize how fortunate I am to be one of the women drivers selected to participate in the NASCAR Drive for Diversity program. It’s the type of call that Lyn St. James and the D4D program have been working hard to attain. It made me proud to be a representative of the D4D program.
I can’t thank my sponsors enough for the opportunity!

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