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A Strong Finish!

July 11th, the week following my “big win,” the race was on the big 5/8th’s track. The guys worked very hard preparing the car to switch over from the short track to the big track setup. After a great practice Thursday night, we were confident going into Saturday night’s race.
The night started off well. We had a great qualifying run. In fact, it’s the best we have ever qualified all year! The whole team was super excited. We qualified 5th, just missing the dash by one spot.
The trophy presentation for the Midseason Championship occurred after the dash. The podium finishers included Dan Moore, Chris Preston, and me. (Even though I’m short in stature, I was pretty high– standing on the top podium step! I like that feeling!) After the trophy presentation, it was hurry up and wait for our feature event.
The lineup was reworked due to the fact that car #4 (Darin Stordahl) had an unfortunate accident in the dash and was unable to continue the night’s events. Team #94 ended up starting fourth and when the green flag dropped, I remained there for some time.
After a few exciting restarts, it was time to get my game on. I felt that I was faster than the car in front of me, but just couldn’t make a pass on the bottom, so I opted to take him on the outside. I made the pass coming off of turn 4. It was awesome! Next up was eight-time track Champion, Tom Moriarty. I quickly caught him and after several attempts to pass him on the bottom, Roger told me to drive in extra deep in the second groove and pinch him down.
I took his advice and it worked! Coming into turn 3, I went to his outside and stuck, passing him coming out of turn 4! We ran in second for the remainder of the race!
It was a hard fought race! As my car continued to get loose, Roger really helped me out explaining how to adjust my driving. It really paid off! I learned a tremendous amount and can’t thank the Team 94 enough for all their hard work!
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