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Race Weekend- August 22

This past weekend started early for me and…., it was pretty eventful!
Friday night:
Stevie and I went shopping and then headed back to my apartment to make goodies for the team. We cooked up pulled chicken sandwiches, made cookies and bars, and cut up a whole watermelon. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a good night’s sleep and Saturday morning came much too soon. I hustled to load up all the food into my truck and headed to the shop.
Saturday morning:
There wasn’t much work to be done on the car so the team hung out at the shop for a bit, and then we headed off to the track. Once at the track, I changed into my racing gear and set out onto the track to get as much practice in as possible. Two laps into the first session, my car started acting up. The motor was hitting the rev chip causing loss of power. The race car slowed way down. I brought “The Miss” back to the pits so the team could troubleshoot the problem. They changed the 6300 rpm chip and sent me back out onto the track. Roger stood next to the track so he could listen to how the car sounded. As it turns out, the brand new clutch was bad!
While the guys replaced the bad clutch, I missed the final practice runs which would have allowed me to scuff the tires. Without that opportunity, I would be qualifying on sticker tires (something I have never done before). During the qualifying runs, I tried my very best!
A break before the heat race allowed me to focus on how the car was handling and the changes needed to get the car perfect for the main event. Into the heat race, I go! With one lap remaining, the car got free coming off Turn 2 and contact with another race car sustained a lot of damage to my left side. When I returned to the pits, everyone’s efforts went to repair the #94 for the main event.
Saturday Main Event:
In the main event, I started behind my teammate/car owner Jeff Knight. The first lap of the race just continued the chaotic night. I had an aggressive start and attempted a pass that didn’t execute the way I had hoped. I made a mistake that probably cost my teammate a well-deserved win. And, I feel awful.
After the restart, I got about 10 more laps before my drive line failed and my night got cut short. The whole day was full of one hardship after another. But, I learned a lot…, Track moves rely on your instincts. If you have time to think about it, it’s probably too late. I learned a little bit about patience too, in that, you do not win a race on the first lap.
Saturday was a rough day. I was looking forward to Sunday. Little did I know what was in store for me …,
Sunday Recap:Early Sunday morning, I headed to the airport to pick up my friend Brandon’s grandparents and take them to Sunday brunch at Salty’s in Seattle. After brunch, I dropped them off at their hotel, and then headed back to my apartment. On the way back, traffic was stopped on I-5 near Quest Field. I was watching in my rear view mirror when I saw a Sear’s truck approaching very fast. The next thing I knew, I was screaming “OMG! I’m going to get rear-ended!!” and then BOOM! A little green car was behind me and the Sear’s truck pushed it into me. The Sear’s truck didn’t even bother stopping!
So, I’m thinking “citizen’s arrest” and start chasing the Sear’s truck while calling the police and giving them directions on where we were headed. Finally, the Sear’s truck pulls over. I jump out of my truck to assess the damage to my rear end and to my surprise there was nothing but a scratch! I couldn’t believe it! That’s a Chevy for youJ . The police officer finally shows up and being that, I was anxious to get out of my truck, I managed to lock my keys in my truck while it was still running!
Geesh! Just one nightmare after another! Eventually, I made it home safely. I was very relieved when Monday arrived and I could put the entire weekend behind me.
This week, we’re starting anew! With the support of my incredible car owner Jeff Knight and a wonderful crew (Roger, Cris, Aaron, Toby and Stevie), it’s going to be a great weekend!
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