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After a few weeks off, the Total Velocity Motorsports, Lady Eagle Safety Wear, K&N, Butler Built Seats, Massage Envy, Speedway Performance, Firedown Graphics, Bell Helmets #94 race car is back in action!
This past weekend during the first practice session, adjustments were made to loosen the car up. Roger and the #94 crew were experimenting with different scenarios. Since my car tends to get fairly tight toward the end of the race, the plan was to free up the car at the beginning, so I’d be set up well at the end of the 40 lap main.
After a few practice laps, it was obvious that my car and I didn’t agree with the changes that were made. A discussion with Roger ensued and we opted to change the car back to the set up used in the prior race on the 3/8th’s track. With the adjustments completed, we went out for the final practice to scuff in our qualifying tires. The car felt a lot better. We were ready and waiting for the qualifying run!
Although qualifying didn’t go the way I’d hoped, it did put me in a good position. .. Pole!
With the car checked through tech, Roger and I talked about the start of the main. We strategized about how I should start the race. Here I’d be at the pole position with Car #70 Jeff Knight (my teammate/car owner) at my side!
Driving out on the track, I was really focused on heating my tires and concentrating on achieving my goal at the start of the race. We waited in the lineup and the call came, “Ladies and Gentlemen start your engines!”
After 4 laps, the flag man gave us the signal and the… ,
Green flag dropped!
I was too eager to get a jump start on Car #70 and ended up spinning my tires, which got me a little loose. I managed to hold on and found myself in 3rd position on lap 1. In a few more laps, Naima Lang (top points earner) was on the move. He passed me for 3rd and continued on to pass Dan Moore for 2nd.
I kept my steady pace as Roger coached me through the turns. The 3rd place car, #16 (Dan Moore) was just a ½ car length ahead of me. Observing him through the corners, I noticed he was fairly loose coming off of turn 2, so I knew that I would be able to make a good pass on the back stretch.
I was right on his tail and, as he got a little loose, I made a move to the outside coming into turn 3. He stayed loose in turn 3, which almost sent me off track, but I held on and stayed nose to tail on the front straight away.
During the next lap, I made my pass on the bottom coming out of turn 2 and Roger radioed “Clear” as I was coming into turn 3. Immediately, a low rumbling voice of impending doom came across the radio, “Oh!!! Look out! He’s…” Before I knew it, I was spinning down the front straight away with Roger frantically yelling, “Lock it up! Lock it up! … STOP!”
My beautiful new-bodied car was spinning and sliding its way into a huge barrier tire!
Thank goodness for good brakes as the car stopped just shy of any damage! I was very upset with the situation. I had made a clean pass and the bump to my left rear was unnecessary, unsportsmanlike conduct. Car #16 received the black flag.
With only 2 laps remaining, the field was now nose to tail for a green, white, and a checkered finish.
Jeff Knight, who maintained a 15 car lead on Naima Lang throughout the race, now saw him squarely placed on his back bumper.
On the restart, I was attempting a slingshot maneuver. Revving up from the back of the pack to shoot past the two cars ahead of me for the short two laps remaining, I am not sure exactly what took place in front of me. Cars were spinning and producing a lot of smoke. Jeff ended up sliding backward down the front straight away. He was able to recover by turn 1, but he had lost the lead to Naima.
I managed to avoid all the commotion and found myself back in third place as we crossed the finish line! Unfortunately, my car owner/teammate Jeff Knight - Car #70 ended up with a bent race car and a 4th place finish.
It was a rough night for the TVM team, but the battle for point standings continues.
I wish to thank my hard-working and ever-encouraging crew. They work nights and spend all their free time setting up the #94 race car so it keeps me racing with the front pack. During my time off, “The Miss” got a makeover. With new doors and a new bumper, she looks beautiful!
But, the best part is she is set up to race!
With five weeks remaining, we have three more races on the 3/8th’s track and then two races to finish up the season on the 5/8th’s. Don’t miss the fun! We’ll be back this weekend and stronger than ever!
Gates open at 5pm and $8 plus a non-perishable food item for the Maltby Food Bank gets you in the door. What could be better? The sun will be shining – a rarity in the NW - so come join us at the track and cheer us on!
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