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Pro Tricycle Racer...

This weekend, I competed in a very serious racing gig...,

A Tricycle Relay Race at the Strawberry Festival in Marysville, WA.

What a blast!

Friday afternoon, I had a live radio interview with Jeff, “The Fish” from KRKO 1380 Sports Radio. He wanted to confirm that I was participating in that evening

’s tricycle race part of his team. I of course confirmed. He then informed me that I would have to jump into a pool filled with JELLO

“Sure,” I thought, “I can handle that!”

As the day progressed, it rained off and on. Every great racer knows it’s important to be well-prepared. So, I wore my trusty rain boots, my pink hoodie, and my bubble goggles!

When I arrived, the officials were explaining the relay race route:

You start over a see-saw bridge and onto a basketball hoop shoot! Continuing along the route to the hanging inner tube, then dismount, jump through the inner tube and follow-up eating strawberry shortcake with no hands! Get back on the tricycle and ride over a crazy ramp, through some cones, and on to the pool of JELLO.

In the pool, you had to touch your hands to the bottom and jump back on your tricycle to cross the finish line!

Our team was first up. I was the last to go. So, the pressure would be intense if we were behind! When my turn arrived, it turned out, our team was trailing! I took the reins and started cruising, pedaling FAST!  I fell behind a bit shooting hoops, but I made up for it in my pedaling ability!

(Short legs are a benefit on a tricycle. I pedal fast!!!)

I was the first through the tube and the shortcake meal.

Up next?

The pool of JELLO!  I sunk in, up to my waist!

Back out and I crossed the finish line in first place! Unfortunately, when all was tallied, we ended up second due to a penalty.


But…, I so enjoyed the day. My thanks to Jeff and everyone at KRKO for inviting me to participate! 
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