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My Sis Gets Married!

This last week I traveled back home to North Dakota to be with my family and friends to celebrate a wonderful occasion. My younger sister Whiney got married to her boyfriend of seven years Simon. I arrived back in Fargo on Monday June 8th, my mom and sister didn’t waste any time putting me to work. All week we finished up with the decorations, folding napkins, table placements, packing everything up, and hauling it over to where her reception was held, etc. Between helping out my sister, the wedding party had some work of our own to get done before the wedding… We had planned a surprise dance to Michael Jacksons Thriller, each night we would sneak out after helping Whitney and practice at a top secret location, the shop at my dad’s Chevrolet dealership!
Following a long week of hard work, the big day finally arrived. Saturday was an early morning; of course it was kicked off with Starbucks. We all took turns getting our hair done, then we all did our makeup and packed up our bags to head over to the church. When we arrived at the church we all finished some touch ups and got dressed for pictures. My sister and her fiancĂ© were not seeing each other before the wedding so we had to be very careful so she wasn’t seen. Time flew by while we took pictures. The next thing we knew it was time to make our way to the back of the church!
The moment we had all been waiting for was finally here. My Dad was the most nervous of everyone, he kept rehearsing his one, yes one line “her mother and I’’, his response to when the pastor asked him who gives this women. After all the bridesmaids and groomsmen had taken their places at the front of the church the doors were closed, “here comes the bride” began to play and the doors opened and my amazingly beautiful sister Whitney, and my dad walked down the aisle. After a wonderful ceremony, a few tears and some laughs they were pronounced Mr. and Mrs. Irish!
After a few more pictures it was time to head to the reception for some dinner and dancing! My family had done an amazing job decorating, the reception was gorgeous. Once dinner and cake was served I was up… I had prepared a slide show for my sister and new husband. The rest of the night was filled with dancing and catching up with family and friends. OH and the big surprise dance! I had it all prearranged with the band, and once I gave them “the cue” they suddenly had some “technical difficulties” and cleared everyone off the dance floor. The entire wedding party then proceeded to creep out onto the dance floor. Everyone had gathered around the dance floor, going crazy laughing and cheering. The guests were completely surprised, as were the bride and groom who loved it! Over all it was an amazing wedding and I am so happy for my sister Whitney, and my new bother-in-law Simon. Congrats!
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