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June 6th, Double Header on the 3/8th's Track

Two main events:
In the first main, we started in the back of the pack. There were several cautions and it always seemed that we were in the wrong place at the wrong time. The race car and I sustained minimal damage and I was able to continue the rest of the race and cross the finish line in fourth!
For the second main event, my crew made great changes to the car. Unfortunately, we had to run on the same race tires used in the previous 50 lap main. Not exactly the ideal situation. But, the guys worked their magic and set me up well.
I started on the outside pole. After a rough start, I ended up in fourth place for lap one. As the race continued, another car and I battled hard for 40 laps. I was running in third. With about 10 laps to go, a caution occurred.
Lining up, I opted to take the outside, the restart was disappointing and I ended up crossing the finish line in 5th place. But…, the important thing is that I’m still learning a lot.
· My car was loose throughout the second main and I learned to adjust my driving and saved it.
· I battled back and forth with another car and learned how to run door to door.

· I stood my ground after the race with the driver that I battled with on the track and learned to maintain a professional demeanor.

None of this would be possible at all if it weren’t for my amazing crew, the encouragement I receive from my crew chief, and all the support I have been given from the officials at Evergreen Speedway. Thank you!
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