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Willingness to Lend a Hand...

What occurred after the wreck on Saturday reminded me about one of the many reasons I love racing. What looked to be a short night for Jeff Knight, ended up being a familiar moment to me as Chris Preston and his crew offered up their race car should Jeff wish to drive it. The goodwill was honestly touching. I have been around dirt track racing my whole life and everyone was always willing to lend a helping hand or a spare part, wing, tire, whatever. So, to see that in the asphalt world of racing made me realize how much I love being involved in the racing community.

With some strategically placed blue duct tape, the Total Velocity MotorSports crew wasted no time is getting the former 26 racecar re-assigned as the number 70. One more practice run allowed us to scuff the qualifying tires and make sure the car was set up perfect for the race. In Qualifying, my car felt good, but the motor was running too lean, so we weren’t getting the power we needed to turn a quick time. Returning to the pits, the guys changed the jets in the carburetor for the feature race and it really helped!

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