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Racing on the 5/8ths Oval!

Tonight the format was different. No heats, just the 75 lap A Main. Before hitting the track, Mike, Roger and I discussed our game plan. Then, I lined up in the last row next to Jeff.
The call came, “Drivers, start your engines!”
The race began, the adrenaline pumping, but I just paced myself. I had 75 laps to make my moves. You don’t win the race in the first lap. I kept my sites on the cars in front of me. As the race progressed, several cars had a straight away lead on me. But, the tables began to turn and that’s when I started to reel them in. I was just about a corner behind the lead cars when a yellow flag came out. The cone was dropped and everyone chose where they wanted to go. My game is in the restart.
Most of the guys took the low line. Not me, I went high!
My restart went well! I headed down the back stretch with two cars in front of me. While they were busy battling it out, I saw an opportunity, made a split-second decision, and determined the opening was big enough to squeeze through. Three-wide going into turn three! And, I came out ahead!
It was such a rush! I continued to race hard!
A few laps later, Car 28 rode my tail. He came in hot in turn 3 and placed his nose to my back bumper which spun me around! I had raced hard up to 3rd place and was extremely disappointed and upset. But, with my crew chief’s support, I knew it was time to show these guys my professional side. They needed to know who they were dealing with. I don’t take kindly to being pushed around!
After the dust settled, Car 28 received a penalty for rough driving and was sent to the tail right behind me as the yellow caution had us lining up for a restart.
As the race resumed, I worked my way back to 4th place and gained quickly on the 3rd place car. Right on his bumper for a few laps, I had a chance to make a pass. But, I got into the corner too hot which made the car push into the center. I should have had it!

Coming into the checkers, it was a side-by-side finish. I was a foot behind the 3rd place car! Crossing the finish line in 4th place after an eventful race and my first time being on the 5/8ths track is definitely something to be proud of!
I came into the pits and the guys were all pumped! Jeff had pulled out of the race after 26 laps. He told me he almost had more fun watching me race than being in the race, that is…, almost!

The day definitely had its ups and downs, but overall the 94 car and the Total Velocity MotorSports team had a great night with a 4th place finish – two weeks running! Mike Loscher helped out a lot and I cannot thank him enough. He helped not only me, but Roger, Jeff and everyone on both crews. I have a great bunch of guys that I get to work with this season and can’t wait for the next race!

No question about it, 5/8ths track is my favorite! So come out this weekend to watch the Super Stocks round the corners. You can count on the #94 TVM, K&N, Lady Eagle Safety Wear, Butler Built Seats, Firedown Graphics, and Speedway Performance making a late race charge to the front!
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