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Experiencing the 5/8ths Track...

May 16th, 2009:
I was super excited to be racing on the 5/8ths track. Growing up around racing, the big tracks tend to be my favorite. So much prep work to get ready! My Mom and Dad flew in to support me as did Mike Loscher from
Finish Line Racing School. Mike, my past racing coach, is an amazing individual full of information and expertise when it comes to the world of race cars on racetracks. As the week progressed, he shared a lot of his knowledge with my team and the TVM crew. It was great!

On Saturday, the day of the big race, the entire crew met at Patty’s Eggnest for an early morning breakfast. We filled our bellies with some amazing food and enjoyed getting each other pumped up and prepared for race day. After breakfast, it was a short drive to the shop to load the racecars and head to the track.

When we arrived at the track, we unloaded everything, swept our spot, set up the tents, and then sat down for a minute. It was only a minute, mind you, before it was time to go out and practice!

During the first practice run, Aaron spotted for me because my crew chief, Roger was out testing Jeff Knight’s car. So many of you have read the news already about
Jeff Knight's race car, it makes me so sad. Here’s my perspective from the track.

Roger took the lead in practice and I followed two cars back. With only four laps down, I came around turn four and saw the red flag out. As I entered turn one, I saw a sight I hope never to see again. My crew chief, Roger is standing outside Jeff’s car. The racecar is engulfed in flames! I immediately radio to Aaron that Roger appeared to be OK and I headed for the pits. It seems the car suffered a cut to the right front tire. As the tire blew out coming around turn one, there was no where to go but into the wall. The car sustained heavy damage, but Roger is OK and that is all that matters. I would be lost without him. He has been absolutely amazing from the start, working long, hard hours on the car and talking me through each race. Beforehand, he always makes sure I am calm, ready to drive the car hard, and maintain control. We have a great rapport over the headset which has been a huge benefit to my success on the track.

The red flag remained out for quite awhile. So, I took the time to walk the track looking for debris, just like Mike and I did on the previous Practice Day. Debris on the track can cause a multitude of problems. I didn’t want anything like what had just happened to Roger and to Jeff’s car, happening to anyone else!
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