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My First Super Late Model Race!

Sometimes, you just can’t get away from the dirt and Saturday night started out a little rough for me. It was my first time on sticker tires and the plan was to scuff them a few laps in practice to prepare them for qualifying. When the green flag was waved for our first practice session , having cold tires and a cold track proved to be a bad combination. As I stepped on the gas the car looped around and slid off the track into the dirt , a place I was familiar with … but didn’t want to be in this time! After firing my car back up I drove to the pits and my team assessed the damage, nothing but a few scratches. That was unfortunately our only time to get some laps in before qualifying . During qualifying the officials were having trouble recording the lap times so my first session didn’t count and I had to go back out again. My goal for my first time qualifying was just to be smooth and consistent. Being a Rookie I had to start in the back for the first 3 races regardless.
As my team and I pulled the car up to the starting grid for my first heat race in a Super Late Model , I can’t tell you how excited, nervous, and just so blessed I was to be there. I strapped in and tried to relax by going over the many laps of testing I have had on the 3/8 mile track over the past few weeks. Once they signaled for us to go out Roger (my spotter and crew chief) was on the radio right away making sure I was ready. This was my first time on the track with other cars. When the green flag dropped it was go time! I stood on the gas , went to the inside of the cars ahead of me and by the time we were exiting turn 2 I found myself already in 3rd or 4th place. I was so pumped I had started 7th and already passed a few cars! Then the yellow flag came out, bummer! It was a complete restart the second restart wasn’t as great but after a few laps I had passed two cars before another caution. I was on the outside of the 3rd row, and the 2 guys in front of me where bumping and banging off each other and I was thinking to myself they are going to crash before we even get the green flag! It was a lot different from sprint cars, let’s just say that, but it was a blast. I ended up with a 4th place finish in my heat.
The team prepared the car and made some minor adjustments for the 40 lap feature . Again I had to start in the back which was fine with me as it gives me more experience passing cars. Throughout the race I made some competitive passes on the outside and the inside . I started 14th and was up to 7th by lap 12 until a car I was passing lost it and collected me up in the process. I restarted at the rear of the field once again and with limited laps left in the race, made it to a solid 9th place finish. I made my share of mistakes but over all the whole night was a great confidence builder and learning experience . I know that with my teams help its going to be a successful season . I am so excited for all that is to come !
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