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My First Practice@ Evergreen Speeway

This weekend was my first time in “the miss” race car! Saturday was a long day. My mom and I arrived at the shop at about 8am after making a Starbucks run of course, then the fun began. There was still some last minute things that needed to be finished up on the car before we could pull out for practice. I was getting very excited as this would be my first time in my race car. My own super late model race car, I could hardly wait. After a lot of hard work from Roger, Chris, Aaron , Tony and Toby the car was ready to rock. We headed out to Evergreen Speedway for my first practice run. When we got to the track and got ready it was just in time to make a few laps in the session that was already on the track. In a little bit of a rush we had some radio problems, so going out on the track for the first time was very nerve racking. My leg was shaking pretty bad I didn’t think I would be able to push the break or clutch, but after getting the signal to go out on the track it all seemed to be ok. After all I did come from sprint cars where we ran no radio, and no review mirrors(although I forgot I had one in that practice session). I did about 8 laps and took it very easy just so we could make sure that everything on the car was good. Going out for test session number two I followed my team mate and also car owner Jeff Knight around for a few laps. In this session I got into a rhythm, got comfortable, hit my marks, had a good line, and just tried to gain speed every lap. It went great, as did the next session. I talked with my crew after the day was over and my crew chief Roger told me he was very pleased with how the day went. I was smooth, consistent, and it was going to be very easy to work with me because everything he told me to do on the radio I did! Chris came in and said he couldn’t believe for someone who never ran a radio was talking on it a lot even in the corners. Guess I didn’t really even realize I was talking in the corners I just wanted to make sure that I relayed everything back to the crew as I was feeling it happen in the car. I might want to watch my finger though sometimes in case I don’t want anyone to know how I am feeling;) lol! Over all it was a great day and I am so glad that we got out there and I feel a lot more comfortable now and can’t wait to get back in the car again. This week the team and I will be working a lot at the shop to perfect the car after I told them how it felt and ran after our session. I have a great team that has worked very hard long hours, it's going to be a great season and I can’t wait till we have our first race on April 11th! Also be sure to check out my Drive for Diverstiy site and add me as a friend to get all the latest D4D news and updates!
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