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Fighting a Flood in a Snow Storm!

A typical March in North Dakota usually brings some of the worst snow storms and blizzards throughout the whole winter, and this March is unlike any other. Not only has there been a constant snow storm for the last few days, and if that isn't bad enough, now try fighting a flood that is threatening to wipe out not only Fargo, ND but other towns including Oxbow, Moorehead, Abercrombie, etc.

The last few day my family, friends, and neighbors have been working around the clock trying to save there homes, businesses and the whole town of Fargo, ND and surrounding areas. In my neighbor hood a retaining wall was put up behind all the houses. This wall was hauled all the way from Louisiana and is the same wall that was used in Hurricane Katrina, and also used in Iraq to protect soldiers from bullets. The wall is 3 feet tall and 4 feet wide. Unfortunately my family's house is one of the lowest houses in the neighborhood so we had to add an extra 2 feet of sandbags on top of that.

Monday my Mom who was here for a few days left to go home. I wanted to go back with her very bad and help my family and friends fight the flood. She told me that I needed to stay here and do my job and that is racing. They would have all the help they needed. The people of ND have really pulled together to put up a great fight. Volunteers from all over have come out to help sandbag. Local colleges and high schools have been closed till further notice and they have been using the buses to haul volunteers all over. People are baking treats, making sandwiches and bringing water to all the workers and volunteers. I was talking to my mom yesterday and she told me that her and my sisters had baked a whole bunch of bars and walked around and gave them to the truck drivers, skid steer drivers, sandbaggers, and anyone they saw that looked like they could use a delicious bar! That's the type of people that we have in ND, good people like my family. No one asked them to do this they just did it. Last night I also got a message how a lady in Fargo that was helping out sandbagging, when she slipped and fell into the very cold river water and without hesitation her 7 year old Lab jumped into that water and saved her life! Even the dogs in ND are putting in hard work. It makes me proud to be part of such a giving community.

Everyday I get updates from my Mom, sisters and friends who all sound so tired from working very hard almost 24-7. They send me pictures and video's on how our backyard now looks, how much higher the water is getting, and how much more snow we have gotten. Pictures that are so hard to look at knowing that I am here not able to help. The only thing I can do is pray!The water is supposed to reach a record of 41 feet the worse flood in ND's history! The main dike in Fargo is set at 41.3 feet. Our dike in our back year is at 43 feet, and that's if it holds. Last night the mayor of Fargo went on live television to tell everyone to cut down on washing clothes, dish washing and take shorter showers, and then he went on to say or you could just shower together. My mom said that everyone at the press conference just looked at one another in disbelief , did he really just say that, but everyone had a good laugh. Only in North Dakota! I also would like to thank all the volunteers, companies, and all that have contruibuted to the efforts of fighting the flood. You are in my thoughts and prayers, keep up the hard work!

Photos(of snowy sandbaggers and coast gaurd) from
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