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All settled in Washington!

I arrived in Washington last Thursday after my Mom, lil sis Sidney, and I drove 22 hours straight to get here. It was a very dangerous journey driving through blizzards, icy mountain roads and very thick fog, but we made it! My mom and sister stayed for a few days, I took them to downtown Seattle to go shopping, and then to a great restaurant on the water. Also we went up to Western Washington University, Sid is interested in going to school somewhere around the area, and that campus is so pretty. I took them on the scenic root back right next to the ocean, it was very pretty.

Saturday night the new team hosted a welcome party at Darin's house for me. It was a lot of fun, it put my mom more at east being able to meet everyone and know how great of people they all are. Sunday Sidney left, and then my mom and I went to look for a couch. We found a black leather couch that was a total steal. The next two days I took her by the track, and we did some more shopping for groceries, and other stuff I needed. Tuesday she left and it was really hard for her and I both. My Mom and I have been racing together every weekend since I was nine years old and this is the first time she won't be able to haul me around to tracks all over the country, while I sleep! LOL! I'm really going to miss our road trips, seeing all my dirt racing friends, and the dirt track. But at the same time I am excited for the '09 season and to get on the asphalt track. The guys have already started on the car, and I have been at the shop helping also. We all get along great and I know its going to be a great season. Tuesday, well tomorrow we get our schedule out here and then I will be looking for any opportunity to get back and race on the dirt. Dirt racing is where I came from, my roots, and I will never forget that. I want to race on the dirt as much as possible. I am used to racing about 70 times a year and I will be on a 21 race schedule at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, WA so to me that's hardly anything. So make sure later this week you check back for the 2009 Racing Schedule! I look forward to meeting all the new fans, and seeing all the dirt fans at a local dirt track this summer!
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