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PRI Show & Happy Holidays!

The PRI Show was a lot of work, but a lot of fun. I was down in Florida December 1st- 15th. I went down to help out Finish Line Racing School get prepared for PRI. Hanging out at the shop with Mike, I learned a few things that I never thought I ever would: how to make fuel out of old cooking oil and it will power a diesel truck(very good I might add), among a few other things... The night before the PRI show I could hardly sleep. I was so excited, and kept going over in my mind who I needed to talk to and who I needed to see. I'm sure I forgot a few too, oops.

Thursday I started the day off in heels, everyone at the Finish Line booth were making bets how long I would last... lets just say I made it to lunch, then it was time for the comfy FLAT shoes! LOL! Thursday I took the time to hand out alot of my thank you frames to all the great people that helped me out throughout the 2008 season, Lady Eagle Safetywear, Bell Helmets, Butler Built Seats, J&J Chassis, Afco Schocks, KSE, & Lyn St James. It was great to catch up with everyone. After the show was the All Star Kart Race, that was a blast, there was some great racing!

Friday morning I started the day off in flats:), I spent the majority of the day just walking around taking alot in, and meeting lots of great people, and new friends. Also I got to see my new, beautiful racing suit by LADY EAGLE. I hand drew the design out, and the talented Katie fine tuned it, and the result was AMAZING! After the show I headed out for dinner, and then got to tour City Walk which was very cool.

Saturday was another great day, said goodbye and thank you again, and also met some more great people. I was very exhausted after all that, but it just made me more excited for the 2009 season. The question everyone was asking me was "what are you doing next year" I am not really allowed to say to much. But I can say this, I will be racing all over and mixing things up a little this year. An official announcement will be made at the end of January so be sure to watch for the 2009 schedule, merchandise, and all the other updates.

Sunday was my day to have a little fun and relax, well sorta. After a Starbucks of course, we hit Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, and after dinner we went to the Blue Man Group. The BMG was so awesome, I have never been to anything like that show before, unbelievable that's all I can say. After the show we headed over to Hard Rock, then it was back to the hotel. I was exhausted, sick with a cold, and had an early flight. Before I called it a night I checked on my flight, I was really worried about getting home, the weather in Fargo was horrible. All flights on Sunday were cancelled, and Monday wasn't looking good. Luckily I made it home, despite the 100 degree difference it was so good to finally be home to a white winter wonderland!

This week I have been catching up on all my last minute Christmas shopping, and helping my Mom get ready for our family to come to our house for Christmas.

This trip back I will be home for a while, well till January 13th when I head down to the Chili Bowl. I'm excited to go, it's been about four years since I have last been. I will be only a spectator for the weekend, no racing for me.

This year has been a great and sucessfull year, with a Top 10 in points & Rookie of the Year at Knoxville, I also have a lot of other things to be thankful for: My great family for all their support, my friends, the Woodruff Family, all my fans, everyone who supported me with my racing, and for all the great people I was blessed with meeting this year. I hope that everyone has a great Holiday Season, and enjoy the new year!
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