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Knoxville Banquet & Thanks Yous...

The 2008 Knoxville Banquet was a blast. This year I ended up 10th place in points even after missing three races. The night started off with a social gathering, then dinner, then the entertainment for the night was a Hypnotist. I at first didn't want to volunteer to participate because I have been hypnotized before, but once I saw that Billy Alley, his wife, Davey Heskin, and a few others went up I decided sure why not! It was a great show I guess. I did come out of it after I woke up with tears in my eyes... I was later informed that Bambi's mom had got hit by a car only after being shot at by a hunter. Ok well for those of you who have seen my pics I am clearly a hunter, so not sure why this was so sad to me. LOL. After that it was the award presentation. Matt Morrow won the Jr Fan Club fav driver(also points champ), and very well deserved he is a great person, also a great driver. Joe Beaver was named Hard Charger of the Year, and the last award was the Rookie of the Year Award and the winner was... ME!! I was very shocked, but also super excited. As I was going to take my picture I was informed that history was made that night because I was the first women the ever get Rookie of the Year at Knoxville. So that was very special to me, and being that Knoxville is my favorite track it meant even more. After that we watched all the great videos of the top 5 in each class then the banquet was over. After that everyone migrated over to Dingus of course.

I would also like to thank few people for making my season alot of fun... Thanks to all the fans for all your support all year long. All the officials, fire crew, wrecker crew, score keepers, etc at Knoxville it was a great and fun year. Thanks to all the other drivers for all the great competition night in and night out, all the slide jobs, the bumps and the friendly waves;) it has made me a better driver! The guys that came out and helped us at Knoxville this year Zach Chappel, Terry, Jake, Critter, and especially Lou and Sue who were there every weekend scrapping mud and keeping score. Mom, wow super trooper, she was the one who drove me to every race, and almost every night after Knoxville we would leave and drive straight home 7 hours just so we could hang out at the lake on Sunday, Thanks MOM! Last but not certainly not least is the best crew chief ever, my crew chief Kenny Woodruff, he was always the first one at the track going over the car again just in case he may have forgotten something at the shop all week(which would never happen that's just how he makes sure its extra perfect), and sometimes we were ones of the last to leave. We had alot of fun this year, Kenny and I even ventured out west together, we raced in WA and CA. Some of the races may not have went as well as we would have liked but Kenny was there to say it would be ok! Our road trip from CA to WA was actually alot of fun, Kenny doesn't say to much but we still seemed to laugh alot. Also we found the worlds best brownie we tried saving it as long as we could but it managed to disappear pretty fast! So thanks for my great race car and all the great memories I am so thankful to have been blessed with such a great crew chief, Thank you so much Kenny!!! Ok now that I need to wipe away a tear:) LOL Hope everyone has a great off season and thanks again for all the support!
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