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Washington... Great State, Great People, Great Racing!

Well this week was another week of fun filled adventures. Jason was kind enough to take me on a tour of WA. We cruised up a mountain, and I got some great pictures, and saw some very awesome views. Also we went Coho Silver Salmon fishing and we caught 2 big ones. I was so excited!! After fishing for a while, we headed over to the Challenger Ridge Winery, and after that on the way back to town we stopped at an site seeing spot and I got to see a whole bunch of elk! That was so cool, because I have never seen an elk in real life before, also because I am going to go elk hunting this winter! After a week full of many adventures, it was race time. This weekend I was racing in Yakima, WA a track that only races one time a year. The first night I started in the back of my heat and ran 4th, and in the A I ran 11th. After the races a few of us decided to walk over to the fair for some food. Well some of the guys got elephant ears, never knew what they were till I came over here, but oh wow they were so good. After that we had to make a stop at what I would call the "gangster" stand:) LOL. Mel, Jason, Colton, and Seth would purchase there "gangster" hats, and chains. It was really funny, Colton definitely went all out! Right down from the "gangster" stand was this ride that sent 2 people flying way way high in the air. Everyone was to chicken to take the daring ride in the sky, I wanted to go, but couldn't get anyone to go with me... Well that was until another brave soul like myself came along:) LOL None other than the other female driver, Danielle Huson who was also competing in this weekends action. We braved the ride, and it was a lot of fun. As we were flipping about 1000 ft(well it seemed that way) in the air we both agreed it was like flipping in a sprint car, just not as hard or as expensive! LOL!

Saturday was going to be a better night I hoped. I drew Saturday and pulled a 5, oh yeah:) Well this would put me on the front row, but unfortunately for me I wouldn't stay there, after a ruff start I would end up finishing 4th. This put me on the front row outside for the B main, next to Jon Farrell aka Muffin, lol, not sure why they call him that but I just went with it! On the first start it was neck n' neck, then it would be called back, on the restart once again it was neck n' neck coming into turn one, I would lead coming out of 2. After a few laps I approached some lap traffic, after making my way around one car the next was a little more difficult. After some heavy contact was made, and I mean heavy, I thought I was going to flip but I held on. I continued on hoping that everything was ok with my car, it was and I would won the B main. The A main would be just as exciting, the first start was great, I got a huge jump, but as luck would have it the yellow came out before a lap was completed and it would be a complete restart. The next start wasn't so good, a lot of cluster happening when the green flag was waved some contact was made but I continued on. After a few laps I was right behind the 66m of Barry Martinez as we were approaching turn one he and Colton Heath started to flip very bad right in front of me, I have no idea how I managed to avoid that one, but I did. I did however notice that I had a front wing that had come off and was resting on my hood. Kenny looked from the fence and said it should be ok, but on the next red I did pull into the work area to have it changed. I got back out on the track and would finish 11th again. After the races that night I said goodbye to everyone that I had met out here. A lot of great people in Washington, and I hope to make it back out west soon, its such a beautiful state and I would like to see more of it, especially the Nordstroms in downtown Seattle:) LOL!
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