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The Beautiful State of Washington!

Well I think I may just have found my new favorite state to race in! Wow this state is so beautiful! As I was flying in I got to see it all, mountains, trees, lakes, everything. Katie from Design 500/Lady Eagle picked me up from the airport and we went for lunch. On the way we took a detour to see some sites. She drove along the coast I guess you could say and I saw some really cool houses/views. Then we went and ate a restaurant called Salty's. Ok so being out here with all the fish you think I could maybe try some, no. I don't eat much fish, so I had a chicken sandwich, lol. Although best chicken sandwich I have had in a long long time!! Well this weekend I raced in Elma, WA when we got there I walked the track to try and get a better feel. It looked like it was going to be a fun racey track, and it was. Friday night Kenny drew a #41 which put us 7th in the 4th heat. I didn't have such a great start, I had to check up in turn one and got way high. After collecting it back, I got by 2 cars right away and then proceeded to battle with the 26 for a while, but it was really hard to pass so behind him I would finish. In the B main, I started 7th, and finished 4th, after Jason Solwold would pass the scales and get DQ'd. In the A Main Wayne Johnson would lead for a while till have troubles, then Shane Stewart would go on to win the main.

Well night 2, the weather was looking a little iffy with rain in the forecast, but it would hold off for the night. Thank goodness because I didn't come all this way to watch it rain! Any who, so tonight I decided to try my luck at the draw... 26! Better than Kenny, but as far as heat position, not much better! Out here they do things a little different points wise. They take all of Friday nights points, and the heat race points from Saturday and that will determine the line up for the mains. After the heat I would end up starting 7th in the B main. I wanted to make the race so so bad. In the B I was really pushing it to the limit. I made my way up to 3rd right behind Jason Solwold, I was right on his bumper for a few laps, and on the white flag lap I messed up a little in turn one, shoot! Coming off of turn 4 I was next to him, but just wasn't enough! I needed one more lap! So again I wouldn't make the A, but it wasn't for a lack of trying that's for sure! So this week, I'm going to do some fishing! I'm so pumped, I want to catch a big Sturgeon! I went out on Sunday, but no luck. I have all week so hopefully I get one. My goal is just to be able to reel it in all by myself, that will be a challenge but I am so up for it!
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