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Women In The Winners Cirle Luncheon, and more!

This past winter I participated in the Lyn St James, Women In the Winners Circle Program. Its divided into 3 phases, the first phase I took part in was in Phoenix, AZ and was to test your physical and mental strength. I was really looking forward to this one especially since I work out a lot, and wanted to prove that I am a very strong girl! The mental tests that we did were awesome, its a program called mindshaper, very neat. Phase 2 was in Indianapolis, this phase was dedicated to media training, for ex. how to talk on camera, to sponsors, as well as the business side how to handle your business as a driver. WOW did I learn alot. Extremely helpful. Phase 3 will be the driving part. I will attend 2 schools, one is the Finish Line Racing School in Florida, which I have already attended and did well, but will be attending again with Lyn. The other school will be Bondurant I have never been to this school before so I was checking out the website and the vehicles are GM like the Corvette, and the CTS. Well I might be doing some persuading with the boss to take a vehicle off the lot and practice(or steal it)lol! My only problem is the cops, and lets see my driving record isn't the greatest. Especially since I decided to add 2 more tickets to my record this year. I need to start bribing them, maybe my famous monster cookies would do the trick... since my charm doesn't seem to cut it! I don't get it;) lol! Anywho, I was in Indy a few weeks back for the Women In the Winner Circle luncheon. This is where all the women who have attended the program gather to meet with other women racers, sponsors, influential people in racing as well as some big names, example I met the President of Nascar himself Mr. Mike Helton! Ooo, I saw him standing there and marched right up to him and introduced my self, it was so very neat! I met a lot of other great people too. What Lyn has done for women in racing is phenomenal! I couldn't even thank her, and her staff enough! I'm really looking forward to the next phase of her program!
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