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Knoxville, Twin Features!

It was Twin Features tonight @ Knoxville, which were they take the results from the first feature and reverse them to get the line up for the second feature. The night started off good, Terry drew a #9, which surprisingly put us in the 2nd row. I started 3rd in the first heat, and finished 4th, I was disappointed with this finish. It would place me on the pole for the B main, which I went on the win. In the first feature I started 17th and placed 16th. In the second feature I started 5th, and didn't have such a good race and ended up 12th. After the race I headed to the lake driving 3 hours, well it was a 5 hour drive according to map quest, oops, lol, to hang out with some friends! It was a long weekend with alot of driving alone talking on the phone, no speeding tickets this weekend though! :)
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