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Just another Knoxville weekend!

Back to Knoxville for another Saturday night show. I absolutely love coming to Knoxville every weekend! I look forward to it all week! Terry once again drew, pulling a #2! Way to go! This put us on the pole of the second heat. Starting on the outside would be Josh Higday. On the start I got the jump, and would lead for a while till Josh would challenge me a few laps later. My motor still wasn't running at full power and I could feel that it was not pulling as much as it usually does. Josh and I were side by side in turn 3 and after some contact was made I was sent high on the track, and kept it from hitting the wall. The car was really hard to drive after that, but I just held on and finished in 2nd. After crossing the scales I came into the pits and when I got out of my car I noticed that my steering rod was actually bent into my headers making it almost impossible to drive. Not sure how I even drove it but I did! In the feature we started 6th and ran 7th. It was a good night of some great racing! That night after the races it was going to be a long night. That Sunday and Monday my family and I were celebrating our 4th of July so my Mom and I wanted to get down there right away. We drove all night and pulled into our cabin at about 7am. That Sunday my sisters and I just relaxed out on the dock and did a little tubing. Monday was when we had our annual Badminton Tournament. My cousin and I took home the championship the first year, but last year I was unable to compete because of racing. This year my cousin and I were back and stronger than ever, well at least we thought. We once again were competing for the championship, and on the last serve for game point we were down 20 to 21, and you have to win by 2. They serve came and it was out, well me being so pumped that we had just scored I decided to catch the birdie, which you can't touch it or it counts... WE LOST!! Wow I was in trouble, it was a disappointing loss to say the least! Well maybe next year!
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