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Racing @ McCool...

Finally back @ McCool! This is one of my favorite tracks to go to. When we got there the pits were looking pretty ruff. They had gotten a lot of rain there the night before, and actually it was sprinkling on the way to the track a little. The crew at the track worked very hard and got the pits looking good. Terry is now my official drawer(if that's even a word, lol) since Kenny has been slacking, jk! Well Terry drew a 19 which surprisingly put us on the outside pole next to Jack Dover. In the heat Jack won, and I got 2nd. For the feature we redrew and Terry pulled the 5th restarting spot in the A main. We have been having motor troubles, and it doesn't seem to want to take off very well. In the A main I ended up finishing 7th, the race went green to checkered and I really needed a yellow. I was right there battling with the cars in front of me, but lap traffic didn't play to my favor, every time I would get right on the bumper of the car in front of me we would approach another lap car, and it was hard enough to pass let alone with some lap traffic as well. It was an ok night, car was loaded in one piece with a top 10 finish, so can't complain to much! Tomorrow we are off to race at Knoxville once again!
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