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Home Sweet Home...

Finally! Back to my home town track! I was so excited, busy all week with doing news interviews, radio interviews, and some appearances! When we got to the track Thursday it was dry and ruff, looks like racing would be very difficult. I was in the 2nd heat and started 4th. I was watching the track and it was follow the leader, where you started was basically where you finished. I ended up with a 2nd place in my heat, I was tied for points for first place. The top 8 redraw and we redrew a 4! Not where I wanted since the track was follow the leader, and the position on the track was the inside line. On the start of the Amain the outside was at a disadvantage and I was back to 6th on the start. My car handled great in turn 3&4 but it was a little tricky in turn 1&2. The race was initially supposed to be 25 laps but because the track was so dry and ruff they changed to 20 laps. On about lap 16 my car started to really get going it was working better and better! Wow I wish I would have had 25 laps I know I would have done better than I ended up! I finished with a 5th place. After the races all my friends and family came down. It was so great that everyone came. Means so much to me to have such great fans!
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