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Hey well it was a 2 day show at Knoxville this weekend for the Outlaws who were in town. We decided that we would put the 410 in on Friday and try our luck with the Outlaws. We were rocking a new paint scheme, a new top and nose wing this weekend, purple, looked pretty cool! In hot laps the track was a little slick with the water still on the track so I moved the wing back. Going out for time trials I attempted to move the wing all the way back and it didn't make it, resulting in a tight race car. In my heat we made some minor adjustments and my car was still really tight. So for the C main we loosened the car up a lot. I started 16th in the C main, and made my way up to 4th place, not to bad. I was hoping that they took the top 4 but they only took the top 2! Disappointing but it was still a good run. Friday after the races I had gotten my new t-shirts so we had them on display for sale, they look awesome, thanks to Andy at Classic Impressions! After the races we dropped the trailer off at Walmart and headed to Pella where we were staying. Saturday I was up bright and early at 6:30 am and Kenny and I went to the car wash, then worked on the car for a while. Tyler came over to help and we switched motors. I then headed back to Pella to shower up and get ready to head out to English Creek race track to watch Brooke Mitrisin race her rocken #12 machine! She did so great she got 2nd in both her heats, and placed 2nd in the feature. This little lady can race, I had a blast out there and hopefully I can make it back out there to also watch Lexi race as she was gone at a dance recital! Later on I got to the Knoxville race track and we signed in and once again Kenny was to draw, and lucky him, he drew #1!!! Wow seriously take him to Vegas! LOL! So I knew where I would be starting.

On the pole for the first heat with Rick Ideus on the outside, and Wayne Johnson right behind him, it would make for a great race. I ended up winning the heat with Wayne Johnson placing 2nd but he was waay back there;) JK Wayne! Well anyway I was just waiting for the line up to be posted thinking oh great my luck the inversion will not be in my favor, well when I saw the line up it was the 2 94's on the front row! Wayne on the Pole and me on the outside. The race track was very slick and there wasn't much on the outside so on the start of the main Wayne had more of an advantage, both him and Matt Moro got me on the start with the #54 challenging me, after we battled about a lap it was the 94, 2m, 94s, and the 54 and that's the way it would stay the rest of the race. I caught up to Matt when we got into lap traffic but not enough to make a pass at him. It was a good race, my first podium finish at Knoxville so I was excited! A lot of people came down to show there support, and thanks for that! It was a great night, and I am looking forward to going back to Knoxville this weekend. I didn't make it to Husets on Sunday unfortunately, heard I missed out on a lot of good action;) I was a good weekend and I had a lot of fun over all! Thanks to everyone for all the support, it means a lot to have such great fans!!!
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