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All's well, that ends well...

Well, this weekend would prove to defiantly be a challenge...

We started off the night right when Kenny drew a 10! I was in a great position in my heat starting inside the second row. On the first start coming out of turn 2 I was in the lead, but that wouldn't last to long as there was a red flag for Nate flipping down the front stretch. Glad that he and no one else were injured, besides a vehicle over at the Dingus! Crazy! So when the race resumed I was battling for the lead and soon took over where I would go onto win the heat!! YES! I was super excited hoping this would put me in a great position for the A main. My car had felt great all night, hot laps we were one of the fastest and now my heat, the night was looking great so far... As luck would have it(which I never seem to have much) my win in my heat would soon lead to a DQ as I crossed the scales just 6 pounds short! Guess I should have eaten another cookie or something! I was very upset because I knew that all my hard work had now been flushed down the drain. When I got to my pits I would have to tell everyone the disappointing news, but judging by my reaction when I got back I think everyone knew what had happened... Ron Shaver, Jack Elam, and Brent Keading were hanging around my pits that night. Ron had to motor working so good, and Brent Keading was giving me advice which was so cool to me. He is an amazing driver and to have one of the best tell me that he was impressed with my driving was something I will never forget. Brent got me fired up about the B main, he told me before I went out just go where ever there not, and that's what I did. I had to start last(12th) in the B main, and worked my way up to 3rd place to transfer to the A main! Tagging the back of the A main, I worked my way up to 10th place. Being able to look into turn 3 and have Brent Keading reminding me to think on the yellows was very cool knowing that he was out there and watching me! The weekend didn't end up the way I had hoped, but in the end I got a lot of great laps in, and made some great passes. I want to thank Ron Shaver w/Shaver Motors, Jack and Bonnie Elam w/J&J Chassis, and Brent Keading, and of course Kenny for helping out this weekend. Wow what an impressive line up of guys! Thanks it means more than you could ever know! After the races the fans were over to show there support, and thank you. I hung out for a bit in the pits with the crew and said goodbye to everyone, and to thanked them once more for all there help.

I have a saying that I pretty much live by and that is "never, never ever give up" and that's what I did on Saturday, I didn't give up and it paid off in the end!
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