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360 Bud Shootout!

Well we raced Cameron, MO this weekend for the 360 Bud Shootout. We headed that way Thursday after Sedalia, on our way we were watching the weather it wasn’t looking good at all. We got to the hotel showered, and kept our eye on the weather. It was getting worse by the minute. Well when the sirens started going off Mom, Kenny, and I got in the car and headed east! There was no way we were sticking around to be in that storm! We drove out of it after a while, let it calm down then went back for dinner and that was it! LOL!
Race day was good, weather cooperated thank goodness. Once again like last year we had to time trial for our starting position. Last year when we had to do this, I set quick time out of the cars that qualified on my first lap, and crashed really hard on the second basically destroying my car. This year though was better, they got rid of the wicked hole in turn one. In my heat I started 3rd and finished 2nd behind Brian Brown. In the feature I started 5th place. On the initial start my motor did not take off for some reason. It was a heavy track all night and was a elbows up track all night. I fell back to 6th on the start but would eventually make my way back up to the fourth position behind Johnson, Brown, and Higday. It was a good race.
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