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2 Days @ Knoxville...

Hey everyone, well this weekend we had a 2 day show @ Knoxville. Friday night we had the 360 in. In my heat I started 7th and made my way up to 4th. Didn't have enough points to make it straight to the A main, so I had to run the B main where I finished 2nd. In the A main we started 21st and I worked my way up to a 13th place finish! The next morning it was a long day. I got up @ 7am and met Kenny in the lobby of our hotel, then we headed to the car wash. We got the car and trailer all cleaned up, then headed towards the pizza hut parking lot where we put the 410 in. I had to leave a little early and go back to the hotel to clean up, becuase I was headed out the English Creek Speedway to cheer on Brooke in her #12 machine. It was really cool to go out there and see all the young kids racing. Reminded me of growing up racing, hope that they all continue to race and follow there dreams! After that I headed back to Knoxville and got some lunch then it was off to the track. That night was only my 2nd time with the 410 in @ Knoxville this season. I was 23rd in time trials, ran 10th in my heat after a misfortune happened on lap one where another car and I made contact. When that happened my front tire was completely compacted with mud making it very hard to drive the rest of the race. In the B main I started 5th, and worked my way up to a 1st place finish, winning the B main! I started in the back of the A and got some good practice laps in with the 410.
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