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Being in 9 states in a week, plus racing in Knoxville... Busy, busy, busy!

Wow has it been a busy for me the last week or so. Last weekend I was unable to race because of a re-injury to my neck but after some therapy, visiting the massage therapist and the chiropractor I am all better. So having a weekend off was something I am not used to, but it wasn't really a weekend off. My sister Whitney graduated from college on Saturday afternoon and that night my little sister Sidney had her senior prom. Then we had a grad party for Whitney. I have never been able to go to any of my sisters or family's events like this because I am always racing. I did have fun being able to do all that for once, but at the same time I was wishing I was racing:) So on Sunday I started to head towards Tulsa to deliver a vehicle that I had sold to Lauren and Nick Smith. Stopping along the way in SD to watch the races at Husets! It was a lot different for me sitting in the stands. I wanted to be racing really bad, but it was cool to watch from a fans view and Husets is a great place for the fans, Wow what a view! Mark Dobmeier won that night and did a great job. On Monday I headed down the rest of the way to Tulsa, hung out with Kenny and his family that night and then Tuesday I flew back home. When I got home I had to pack my bags again, and Wednesday morning my sister Whitney and I flew out to CA for a few days. We had a lot of fun, we don't get to hang out a lot so it was fun to have a few days together! Friday we got back @ 8pm and I rushed home, grabed my racing stuff, got in my vehicle and my friend Coley and I took off towards Knoxville! We had a room in Sioux City that night because it was a lil to far for me to drive all that way. We woke up early Saturday and headed towards Knoxville stopping in Des Moines to grad a bite to eat at Fuddruckers with some friends! Kenny and Kyle who came up from Tulsa to help out were already there when we got there. Kyle was the lucky one that got to draw for me this weekend, and he drew a number 3! My moms lucky number! I started pole in the third heat and it didn't turn out the way I would have liked. The track was really slick, and was hard to find anything to get a hold of. I ended up in 3rd. I kept my eye on the track all night watching the changes and come feature time there was some rubber that had been laid down. A main time... I started 10th, first start was 3 wide down the front stretch, no luck yellow. Second start, another good one, missed a car spinning in front of me. Third start not so great there was some breaking going on, anyway enough with all the restarts. The track was on the bottom in the rubber it was pretty much follow the leader I ran 7th behind the 2m car till a red came out for Josh Higday flipping. On the restart a car came charging into turn one and I was on the bottom and to avoid taking us both out I had to hit the brakes and lost a lot of ground. I ended up in 9th. After the races the fans came down and I got to hand out the new cards I just got! They are very cool, thanks Tim Alwin! It was such a nice night that night, after the race hung out for a while with some friends then called it a night. My friend Coley and I left early Sunday and stopped in Des Moines to have breakfast at Perkins with some friends. After that we had to take a picture of probably the coolest waterfall/fountain ever:) for Al. LOL. Here is a picture of it. It was a good weekend had a lot of fun, and looking forward to racing 3days next weekend!
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