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No Racing this weekend:(

Hey everyone, unfortunately I will not be racing this weekend! I am super bummed and always look forward to racing @ Devils Bowl, and OK City. Last Friday I hurt my neck really bad and over the weekend it steadily got worse. I have seen a massage therapist everyday this week, also the chiropractor, a physical therapist, and today I finally got x-rays taken of my neck. What they found was that every person has a natural curve to there neck, but mine is stick straight meaning that all my muscles are very very tense making my spine straight. In other words not good as the DR said. The DR seems to think that it steams from an injury that I got when I hit the wall at Knoxville last year, I moved it just right and I heard something pop last weekend and since then its just gotten worse! But have no fear I will be back into action next weekend at Knoxville! Hope my neck heals up before then! Have a great weekend, and sorry I can't be racing in TX and OK this weekend:(
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