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Road TRIP, with the girls... Well our journey started off on Thursday night when my friend Lindsey and I left Fargo and drove east to Sauk Centre to pick up our friend Ashley. We met her at the gas station and then started to head south. Well about 5 miles down the road, I was going about 71 in a 65(well that's what I thought the speed limit was) and got pulled over! So the officer came up to the my window(and he was very cute might I add) and of course gave me the whole do you know why I pulled you over speech, and I said yeah speeding but I was only going about 70ish. Then he said well its a 60mph speed zone and I got you going 74! Then I tried pulling the whole well officer I am from ND and I have never driven this road before... Well he took my license and went to his car. It took a while so I knew I was getting a ticket. Thinking the whole time well he will understand he will reduce it. NOT! Seriously 74 in a 60 I was so mad! What a bully! Then after the ticket he tried being all nice and asking me where I was going and what I race, I wasn't impressed... Needless to say I will be starting a Natalie Sather speeding ticket fund... That's now 2 tickets in 3 weeks, guess I am just that excited and anxious to get to the race track ;) So we drove to Sioux Falls that night, arrived there about 1am and got a hotel. We woke up the next morning with the same old news as usual that we had been rained out! Wow mother nature is punishing up racers and fans this season. So instead of heading over to McCool Junction we headed towards Des Moines. When we got there we did a little shopping had dinner then went to our hotel where I watched the Outlaws in NC. We called it a night after that, we were all tired from driving and a late night from Thursday. That night it stormed really really bad waking us all up, and once again had me thinking that we would get rained out. Saturday we woke up to cloudy and overcast sky, Great! As of noon the races were still on so we made our way towards Knoxville. It ended up being a very nice night, sunny and all. The track was really heavy and the infield very muddy, but the great crew at Knoxville had everything ready to go in no time! My friend Ashley drew for me this weekend and pulled a 25 not bad, in the middle. The track was really heavy all night, not much passing at all. In my heat started 5th and that's were I finished. They took the top 16 in passing points and with 4 heats I didn't make it. In the B main I started 6th and got 5th missed it my one! This is the first race @ Knoxville where I did not make the show(except when I crashed really bad)! I was very disappointed in myself. I will have to make up for it next weekend! We were planing on racing in Burlington, IA on Sunday but with the weather looking so bad we decided just go home after the races on Saturday. We left right after the races on Saturday, (sorry for anyone who came down) being the girls and I had a 7 hour trip and we were driving straight home. On our way home we stopped in the cities for gas and my friend Ashely said she would drive for a lil while since my asthma was bothering me really bad. We pulled out of the gas station and she was confused on where to go and stopped at a green light, and then proceeded to go... Well 2am on a Saturday night we were pulled over again!! Wow my luck seriously. So at this time I was in the back having an asthma attack, Ashley is all stressed and doesn't know what to say, and Lindsey is trying to pick all the mud up off the floor(why then I don't know). He came up to the vehicle and I told Ashely to roll down my window in the back since it was my car, and told him that I was having and asthma attack then he asked me if I needed to have him call an ambulance(LOL), I told him I was fine. Then he shined his flash light into the passenger seat in the front and he was wondering what Lindsey was doing with her head down as she was picking mud off her shoes, she popped her head up and in the process hit my water bottle and then water flew everywhere all over. Ashely couldn't find her licence and I was trying to find the insurance card, he asked us where we were headed and had come from and then my friends went off and told him that I was a race car driver, and we were headed to Fargo. After all the caious he just laughed at us and told us to drive safe! We continued on and dropped off Ashely in St. Cloud. Lindsey and I drove all night/morning making it home at 6:30am! Long night! I got home and my whole family was here because my little sister was graduating on Sunday. So I had to sleep in my sisters room. At about 8am the whole gang was up working, it was very loud and I was up with only about 2 hours of sleep. The rest of the day was spent talking to family wearing my sun glasses as I would fall asleep at the table in between talking to people, Oops! Oh and having all the races on out in the garage so I could still watch them too! It was a long day but I got to sleep in on Monday. Well this weekend will be just a one nighter at Knoxville, but I will be there on Friday watching the Masters Classic. Hope everyone can make it!!
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