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Knoxville, and Sedalia...

Well finally we got a race in at Knoxville. I started 5th in my heat and didn't have such a great start the cars were bottled up in front of me and I had no where to go. I was battling back in forth with Chuck and Ryan, and ended up in 6th. I had alot of catching up to do. In the B main I started 8th, and they only took the top 4. I had my work cut out for me. On the start the row in front of me split and there was just enough room for me to squeeze right on through! Yes! I progressively made it up to 3rd and on a yellow attempted to make another pass, and in doing so got passed on the outside, that was ok still in 4th the last transfer position. In the A main I started last and after a green to checkered finish I placed 10th passing the most cars for the night!! It was a great start to Knoxville!

Sunday we headed over to Sedalia it my first time at that race track, and wow long straight aways and tight corners! In my heat I started last right next to Danny Lasoski. I had a great start! I was up to 4th place and going into turn one when I heard a car coming then saw them as they attempted to do a slide job... Sorry no luck I slide them right back coming off of 2, realizing it was "The Dude"! Yes! It was a great race and finished in third right in front of Danny! :) In the feature I started 12th and didn't have such as good of luck. My car was really loose for the feature, but I managed to get a few good laps in. My neck was really starting to hurt at the end of the night. I had pushed it really hard over the weekend. But we finally had a great weekend! I was really looking forward to racing again this weekend, but will be letting my neck heal up! See everyone at Knoxville next weekend!
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