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Snowed In...

Hey everyone! Wow this weather is crazy! I was scheduled to race in Knoxville this weekend, so Friday my Mom, sister and I took off towards Iowa stopping in Minneapolis to do a little shopping before heading to Knoxville Saturday morning. I talked to Kenny earlier on Friday and he said that the officials at Knoxville would make a decision at 5pm if they were going to race or not. Well 5 rolled around and nope they were cancelled. So we decided to head home, well that was put to a stop with this weather! On the way down it rained and snowed a little but throughout the day it continued to get worse. We found out at about 7pm that the interstate had been closed due to really bad road conditions. We were stuck in Minneapolis. So we made best of it and went to my favorite restaurant PF Changs and ate some chicken and rice! Yummy:) It was alot of fun, because I got to hang out with my lil sis something that I don't get to do often with me being gone alot. The next day we woke up to SNOW! Seriously I mean who ever thought of snow in April!? Not me! We left the hotel to head home, and found out that the interstate was still closed! We headed toward Fargo, stopping at another mall, hoping that we could waste some time till they opened the interstates. After a while we headed that way and right when we got to where the interstate was closed they had just opened it. Before we got to the gate there were 69 semis that were pulled over in the right hand lane of the interstate! It looked like a train! I have never seen anything like it! We even video taped it becuase I didn't think any one would believe me! The whole way home it was one lane traffic because there was about 3 inches of ice/slush in the other lane! We saw about 4 semi trucks in the ditch it was crazy! Well after alot of effort we made it home! A weekend off I am not used to that! LOL. I headed up to Grand Forks ND to hang out with my other sister and my best friend for the weekend. It was good to see my sister and friends again! Hopefully this weather cooperates with us for next weekend! I really want to be racing!
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