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Rain, Rain go away... or should I say Snow!

Hey everyone, with all this crazy weather we have been having my schedule may be changing. This weekend we are as of now still planing on racing at I-80 in Greenwood, NE if the weather cooperates. Other wise our back up plan is to head down to Oklahoma City, OK and Lawton, OK with the ASCS Sooner Region. Hopefully the weather will be sunny somewhere so I can race! I was really looking forward to heading over to I-80, but OK City stills owes me one :) so it will be fun to go back there too! Either way I am just excited to get back in the car!

The weather all over the US has been crazy right now and ND has definitely been one state with some unforgettable weather! Sunday night my Mom and I were on our way home from Eagle, NE when we got to about Brookings, SD we encountered freezing rain. We ended up having to stay over night in Watertown, SD the next town because by the time we got there it was a full on blizzard! On Monday as we headed back the ground kept getting more and more white, and we saw more and more cars in the ditch. When we finally got home my backyard that was once nothing but grass when I left home was once again covered in 10 inches of snow!!. Its all pretty much melted now, but seriously a blizzard in APRIL!? I am wondering about this whole global warming... LOL
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