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HOLY COW... What a weekend!!!(Eagle, NE)

Wow, what an unbelievable weekend... Friday night was practice night, and we got in earlier than expected so my Mom and I stopped by at the track to watch .
Saturday, night one of an interesting weekend. So after a year of being fired from drawing my number(LOL) Kenny told me that my luck had to change sometime when it came to drawing, well the results were I was fired again! I drew 45 out of 50 numbers, oops! I started last row in my heat race and had 2 great starts and on the third and final start there was some commotion going on in front of me and as a result I got the last and the worst of it. I ended up with a bent shock and a broken rod. They towed my car back to the pits, once again they restarted the race and there was a red flag. Seeing this I got really excited knowing I didn't have much damage I ran back to the pits and told Kenny to get some parts and lets get back out on the track! We fixed everything, and when we went to push back out, and the officials told me that I was unable to restart(even though a complete lap was not made) I was confused as to why I couldn't restart . I was already on the hill where they push off to start and I really wanted to race so I let my foot of the brake and rolled onto the track where I was push started. I rolled around in the back and the green flag was thrown. I had passed about 3 cars, and then a yellow. When I came around after the yellow I was shown the black flag!!! My first Black Flag, ever! In the B Main I started 10th, on the first lap a car spun in front of me, I went high to avoid it and as luck would have it as I was about to make it around contact was made! Thank goodness no damage. I restarted in the back again I passed a few cars, I was on the move. I was in 4th crossing the line on the white flag and going for the checkers it was a drag race and not sure if I was 3rd or 4th. One or two spots short of making it for the A Main.
Sunday, night two I did not draw! Terry who was helping us this weekend drew a 13! Way to go! I was in the first heat and started 4th. The first start was not so good, and neither was the 2nd, contact was made with another car and I went spinning off high in turn 1. I restarted tale end in 10th and made my way up to 6, unfortunately they only took the top 5 to the A main. In the B main I started pole, and Ryan Roberts on the outside of me... On the first 2 starts I got the jump and on the third it was side by side action entering into turn 1 he went on to lead the way but not for long! There was a yellow after a few laps and I decided to check out the bottom after running the top until then. On the restart I dove to the bottom and Ryan went high, coming out of 2 I was back in the lead. I continued to run the bottom and went on to win the race! A Main action would not last long, on the start contact was made with two cars mid pack with one flipping. As everyone hit there brakes I went high attempting to avoid all this, but as luck once again would have it I jumped the tire of the car in front of me in attempting to avoid another, and made contact with the wall. We attempted to fix the car but just didn't have enough time. To bad it would have been fun to race for all the fans out in Eagle. Lady Luck was definitely not on my side this weekend, I really enjoy the track at Eagle and tend to run pretty well there, it just seems that the most bizarre things happen when I race there. Maybe next time Lady Luck will follow me to Eagle...
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