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Well another interesting weekend, I was scheduled to race in Knoxville, IA on Saturday but weather changed that. This weekend I was alone, my Mom had my sisters senior sorority dance to attend. So I took off Friday afternoon for Knoxville, it rained pretty much from Minneapolis to Knoxville. When I got there Friday I hung out with some friends then went to bed. Saturday I woke up to a sky full of clouds. Not sure if the races were cancelled yet. I got a phone call a little later and sure enough weather took its toll and the race in Knoxville was cancelled. So after some discussion I decided to head down to Wheatland, MO. It was about a 6 hour drive but I made it just in time! There was alot of cars at Wheatland being that was the only place to race. That was my first time being to this track, and wow, what a nice facility. They even had a car wash in the pits! In my heat I placed 3rd which put me starting 16th in the A main. There were 2 B mains which were very interesting! In the last B main there was a little bit on controversy and ended in a car flipped in turn 2 and a four wheeler flipped in turn 4! Oops! In the A main I had a great start, after lap 3 I was already up to right around 10th place. Coming out of turn 4 I was running the bottom and there was a car running the top. As I was exiting the turn the car on the outside cut down to the bottom and took my front end completely off. I was hit a few times and that was all she wrote. The start of this season has been a rough one, it just seems that lady luck isn't on my side right now. I have been racing extremely hard and good, but it just seems that there are other circumstances that are preventing me from the great finishes I know I can achieve. I am going to have to have my car and I blessed here pretty soon if things don't change;) LOL. Hope everyone has a great week and I am looking forward to this weekends race at Knoxville!
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