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Oklahoma City!

Well this weekend my Mom was unable to attend the event, so my friends, Coley, Sara and I set out on an adventure! We left on Thursday at 6am and of course we had to stop by Starbucks! Yummy! Then we hit the road... They told me that they would help me drive, well lets just say the seat settings never changed... I drove all 12 hours while they took turns napping! LOL! We went to Broken Arrow, OK that night where my crew chief Kenny lives. Annie his wife made us the best dinner ever, her famous burritos! We hung out with his family the rest of the night then went to bed, because I needed my rest I had to race Friday. We followed the trailer to OK City the next morning, this was going to be a interesting weekend giving this was the first time my friends had been in the pits! When we pulled up there were a few outlaws that had showed up this weekend giving they had the weekend off. Terry McCarl, Danny Lasoski, Jason Sides, and Daryn Pittman. My friends thought they were pretty smart that they knew some of the drivers(well so they thought)... They saw the #24 on Terry's trailer so they thought Jeff Gordon was there(LOL), and the whole weekend Daryn Pittman was known as Dwayne Pittman, lol! It was pretty funny. Any way about the races... Friday night went alright, but on the final night I had started 4th in my heat and made it to 2nd, I was right behind the leader on the white flag and there was no way I was going to settle for 2nd place so coming for the checkers I dove to the bottom and was going to pull a slider. As everyone that was there that weekend knew about the big hole coming out of four, well my pass would have been fine, but I hit that hole just perfect and that was all she wrote! In the B main I had to start mid pack, and on the 3rd lap a car spun in front of me and with no wear to go I hit him and it bent a rod and I was unable to continue. Not the weekend I was hoping for, I was wishing it was more like last year. That night after the races we set off for an all nighter! We left OK City at 11 pm Saturday night, and arrived home on Sunday at 12pm. I am pretty sure out of that 13 hours my friends and I sang for 10 of them to keep us awake! We played just about every song on our Ipod! LOL, all in all it was a fun weekend!
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