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Devils Bowl!

The first 360 race of the season, I was super excited! My Mom and I flew in the day before, when we landed we headed to the mall! It was my birthday the day before so I got to go shopping! I got a cute pair of heels, a necklace, and a really cute t-shirt with a a frenchie bulldog on it(one of my favorite breeds)! After that we GPS'd our way to one of my favorite restaurants PF Changs! Race time... Friday night we didn't pull such a great number, but just more cars to pass! In my heat I had a great start, but coming into turn one there was a yellow and the race had to be restarted. I passed 2 cars in my heat but not enough to transfer to the A main, so I was in the B main. I had to start mid pack and placed 5th and they only took the top 2. There was alot of cars there that weekend 62 I think. They had 3 B mains! Saturday night went alot better. I started 4th in my heat, I passed 2 cars and was running in 2nd coming for the white flag when there was a yellow. This was a great opportunity to make a pass for first! On the green flag I attempted to make a pass on the bottom, but my car had a lil push and didn't have enough to make the pass and placed 2nd. I was in the A main, and ended up 13th out of 62 cars. It was a good weekend! Next weekend I will be in OK City, so make sure you come out and watch! Hopefully we can do as good as last year!
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