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Florida, North Dakota, & Arizona, I am all over the place!

Sorry for the delay in updates from FL but as soon as I got home I packed again and was off to AZ where I went to a vehicle auction for work. Also while there I got to attend the Copper World Classic at Manzanita Speedway which was the first time I had been at the track. It rained out on Friday and they made it an all day show on Saturday. It was a great race and I had alot of fun I am glad that I got to go!
Any way news from FL...Well I had my first races of the season, and it didn't go as well as I would have liked. I did get some good laps in and now I am ready to rock for the rest of the season. The last night in FL was my best, I won the C Main and passed a few cars in the B Main. Unfortunalty I only run my 410 twice a year so I am at a little disadvantage, but this season we will be running with the Outlaws more than we have in years past. I will be slowly posting my schedule as we figure it out, but keep your eye out for me. I may be coming to a track near you:) Until my next race I will continue to work at the dealership where I have been selling vehicles. Also enjoying the great cold ND weather! We have gotten alot of snow this year, and its been super cold, just makes for good snowmobiling and ice fishing I guess:)
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