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All Stars: Night 1 not so good...

Well, our first night was not off to a great start. I went out to hot lap and the car wasn't running right. So I pulled in and we worked on the car. I was allowed to try a lap with another hot lap group and still not right. We did some more work on the car, went out for time trials and still... no luck. Tried it again at the end of time trials, and nope not that time. I did not get a qualifying lap in which put me at the back of the 4th heat. We worked on the car alot and changed some things but when I went out for my heat it still wasn't running correctly, the car was shaking very badly. After further investigation this morning we found that it was the U Joint that was just about to break. It is all fixed now and I am ready to race tonight! I just hope that tonight goes better!!
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