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The Off Season

Hey everyone, well I guess its the off season sort of now. I have still been super busy though. This last 2 weekends were deer hunting in Minnesota where I go hunting, and if you have checked out my photo gallery before you can see my awesome first buck from last year (photo at right). This year I wasn’t as lucky to shoot a buck again, but I did get one HUGE doe! I was super exctied. It was a longer shot than my buck from last year, but I have pretty good aim, 2 deer and only 2 shots. Not to bad I guess:)

My Mom and I have also been busy hanging Christmas lights, this year we are going all out. Pink and white lights. I have climbed all over the roof to hang the lights, a little scary up there, but it was well worth it. My mom was busy on the ladder putting lights on the trees. Are main concern was if we were going to have enough power, well we did, but it took alot of cords and time to figure out where to plug them in so we didn’t blow a fuse! My mom and I were talking and we decided that when people drive by its going to be an “Oh my gosh” moment, either “Oh my gosh thats awesome” or “Oh my gosh what were they thinking”! LOL! Thats ok it looks great either way!

I have also been busy working out still with my trainer to keep in good shape for the upcoming season. We are not sure where we are racing this next 2008 season, but just keep your eye out I may be coming to a track near you! Keep checking out my website as I will post whats happening in the great state of North Dakota.

Also on a side note sorry my photo gallery hasen’t been updated, I have a few great pics that I am trying to get posted but having some tech issues so keep an eye out for them. I would like to also thank my cousin Doug Christianson for taking some of the great pics in my photo gallery. He comes everytime I race down around Texas and he is an amazing photographer, thanks again Doug.

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and enjoy the Holiday Season.
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