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Mesquite, TX Results

Well this was my last race of the year. Friday started off good, I let Kenny draw for me, and he managed to draw #8! That was good. I started outside pole in my heat and won the race. In the A main I finished 14th. Saturday wouldn’t be such a good night. I decided to let Kenny, who is really lucky when it comes to drawing, but not this time… He drew #58! Which was ok, passing points I said. I started in the back of my heat and passed 2 cars, not enough to make it to the A Main. In the B I lined up in the middle. It was a crazy start and finish I guess… As the green flag dropped 2 cars in front of me got together and I almost had the whole thing avoided until at the last second a car slid up in front of me. CRASH! It was a hard one and I hit my leg that I had broke a few years ago, and it left a pretty good bruise but that was about it. By the time I got my car into the work area there was only a few minutes till they were going green. Alot of other drivers came over to help, Wayne Johnson, Jeff Mitrisin, Danny Jennings who even got out of his race car to help, and Jack Dover who helped me get back in, and my crew. Wayne was trying really hard to fix one last thing, but unforunatly they wouldn’t wait one more lap for me, so my night was cut short and it was back home to ND I went! Thanks again to everyone for helping.
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