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Burlington, IA & Moberly, MO Results

Hey everyone! So this weekend we decided to race with the Sprint Invaders, and the WoW. On Friday I raced in Burlington, IA with the Sprint Invaders. I started outside pole, next to Kaley Gharst, and the track was really dry slick, and I finished 2nd. In the dash I started 4th and placed 3rd. For the feaure they had a redraw which put me in the sixth starting postion. By the time the feature came the track was really really dry. In the dash I had ran the bottom so I decided that I was going to try that for a few laps in the feature. I had advanced 2 spots and saw that the leaders where running the top so I moved up. There was a yellow and on a restart I dove to the bottom passing another car to move into 3rd. A few laps later there was another yellow, and I was behind Jeff Matrisian, on the restart we both dove to the inside of the first place car, he came up and got a tire from the first place car, and was turned sideways, I was right behind him and just missed getting tangled up with him. This would put me in second, where I would stay until the next yellow. This time on the restart, I went to the very top to try to get a good run to pass for first. I saw Kahley Gharst below me and got a little throttle happy, and just about lost it. I saved it by driving through the infield and putting on a little show by jumping a big ramp, but I wasn’t about to give up, I kept going and finished 8th. I was upset though because if I would have been a little more patient I would of had a top 3 car for sure.

The next day we headed to Moberly, MO. This track reminded me of I-80, in Greenwood. I was told that it would get really dry, and it did. In the heat, thanks to the great draw once again by Kenny, (I was fired from drawing along time ago) I started on the outside pole next to the infamous Randy Martin… Well side by side, he had a better line to start and ended up winning the heat. In the feature, I started 6th. I had a pretty good start, and passed some cars. The track had some rubber on it by the feature, so as long as you could stay in the rubber you did good. Thats what I did, when I pulled my tires were completely bald. I finished 4th place. All in all it was a good weekend. As far as this next weekend I am not sure where I am racing, but just keep your eye on my site to see what the latest is!

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