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2007 ASCS Midwest Points Champion!

Hey everyone, last night I had my final race for the ASCS Midwest series last night in Cameron, MO. I was told all that I needed to do was take the green flag in a heat race. But thats not all I wanted to do, I wanted to win the race as well!

I started 4th in my heat, and after a few laps moved into 2nd place where I finished. After the heats I was 6th in points just enough to put me in the dash. I didn’t get to pull a number so I had to take whatever was left to determine where I started in the dash, and the number was 2. It was looking good so far…

I won the dash, which put me on the pole for the feature. I was pretty excited, not only was I starting on the pole, but I had already secured myself as the points champion. On the first start it was really muddy at the bottom and the outside car did get a jump. There was a red flag on the first lap, so I had another chance on the start.

This time once again the outside prevailed, but I wasn’t about to give up. I drove in really hard and had a good run and took the lead back over in turn 3. After about 5 laps I came up to lap traffic, I dove underneath the lap car and when I did the car made contact with mine and I did a lot of bouncing but somehow I managed to hold on. I just kept saying “keep going, don’t give up!”

I could feel my tire going flat but there wasn’t much I could do. Every time I came into the corner it would drag really bad, I was just hoping that it didn’t blow as I was entering the corner. On about lap 17 was when it finally gave way in corner 1 and 2. I held on and I did manage to get a fresh tire and finish 10th.

It wasn’t quite the finsih that I had hoped for, but I still did walk away the ASCS Midwest Points Champion.

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