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No Pain, No Gain

Well as most of you heard I was in a bad crash @ Knoxville this weekend. Unfortunately I do not remember much of the accident. I did have to go to the hospital for some head, neck, and shoulder pain. Also I have asthma very bad and was having trouble breathing. After going to physical therapy and the chiropractor a few times this week I am ready to rock. You will see me back in the seat racing hard in Denison,IA and Eagle,NE racing with ASCS Midwest for the points championship which currently I am still leading! Next weekend we might be back in Knoxville to get some more seat time in before the Nationals. Also I would like to thank J and J, Bell Helmets, Butler Seats, and Hans for making the great equipment to keep us drivers safe. Oh and can’t forget Kenny who puts it all together!
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