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Hey, I am in IA right now and we were scheduled to race in Knoxville tonight but the race was canceled due to rain. So now I am going to put in the 410 for tomorrow and get some laps in before the nationals, and also before we head to my home town track next Saturday to race against the Outlaws!

I have been on the road now since Monday. On Tuesday we raced in Hartford,SD. In the feature we had some troubles, on the first lap I was involved in an accident, and a couple laps later I had a flat right rear, we pulled in on the yellow and was able to fix it, I had to go tail end and I finished 15. On Wednesday I raced in Brainerd, MN. I had passed a few cars in the feature, with about 17 laps to go I was coming out of turn 2 when another car came under me and contact was made and unfortunatly I was unable to finish the race due to a broken front axel. But I guess they say thats racing…

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